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McLaren Greater Lansing Replacement Hospital

McLaren Health

McLaren Lansing Prefabricated Hospital

The McLaren Greater Lansing Replacement Hospital is a nine-story, 562,000-SF hospital, nestled within a 39-acre healthcare campus at Michigan State University’s Corporate Research Park. The $256 million hospital features 240 beds and was completed in 2022. Alongside the new hospital, there is a cancer and ambulatory center among other health care facilities to promote research, healthcare services, and educational opportunities within the community.

The entire Corporate Research Park Campus will welcome over 1,000 physicians, research professionals, and educators to the new facilities. Barton Malow entered into a joint venture with the Lansing-based Christman Company to provide construction management services.

Community Involvement Leads to Innovation Design

In May 2018, McLaren Health launched a community input survey to obtain feedback on the new hospital’s design, which allowed the public to offer suggestions regarding the design phase of the project. Barton Malow, alongside the owner and architect, was able to incorporate the suggestions and needs of the community in the design, and ultimately, the construction phase.

Achieving Schedule Certainty through Lean Construction

The project faced specific hurdles related to timelines for installation and manpower. To address these and mitigate any future labor or schedule uncertainty for the hospital, Barton Malow implemented Lean construction practices from the preconstruction phase through execution. This allowed us to not only mitigate any potential issues but notably led to a 25% reduction of on-site MEP trades by using prefabrication, while also condensing the project schedule by two months through Takt Time Planning for project scheduling, all leading to substantial financial savings for the project.

Lean Construction Practices

  • 6S Jobsite
  • Big Room + Co-location
  • Choosing by Advantages
  • Last Planner® System
  • Prefabrication
  • Takt Time Planning
  • Target Value Delivery